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2.Safely Home
Alcorn, Randy
7.1 Peter
10.The Story of Reality
Koukl, Gregory
12.Seasons of Sorrow
Challies, Tim
14.Transforming Our World
Boice, James Montgomery
19.Songs Of Suffering
Eareckson Tada, Joni
20.Better Together
Matz, Robert and Yeats, John
22.The Baptist Story
Chute, Finn, and Haykin
24.Rejoicing In Christ
Reeves, Michael
25.God & History
Boice, James Montgomery
29.A Reformed Baptist Manifesto
Waldron, Sam and Barcellos, Richard
31.The Confessing Baptist
Gonzales Jr., Robert
32.Reformed Preaching
Beeke, Joel
33.A Workman Not Ashamed
Charles, David and Ventura, Rob
34.In Service to the Church
Borgman, Brian
35.George Whitefield
Dallimore, Arnold
Boice, James Montgomery
37.NKJV Study Bible
Thomas Nelson
38.Dark Clouds Deep Mercy
Vroegop, Mark
47.Foundations of the Christian Faith
Boice, James Montgomery
49.Scribes & Scripture
Meade, John and Gurry, Peter
50.Fount of Heaven
Elmer, Robert
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